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In 16-17th century Anglican England catholic music was forbidden. William Byrd, a catholic, did however compose several masses that could only be performed secretly, around the table as was, at that time, also common for worldly music that was performed in private. Referring to this practice, we see a vocal quartet that tackles an extremely unorthodox repertoire.

A concert that commutes between turntables and pure singing on the one hand and 16th century secret masses and 21st century scratchers on the other hand.

Eric Sleichim: artistic direction, concept

BL!NDMAN [vox]
Griet De Geyter: soprano
Gunther Vandeven: countertenor
Kevin Skelton: tenor
Hugo Oliveira: bass

Brecht Beuselinck: stage manager and lighting
Sam Serruys* > sound engineering

BLINDMAN: production
in co-production with Les Brigittines, (Centre for Contemporary Art Movement and Voice of the City of Brussels) as part of BL!NDMAN’s [vox] residency at the Brigittines 2008/2009.


Eric Sleichim: Mass 4 turntables
Anonymous: Gaudeamus
William Byrd: Kyrie & Gloria
John Cage: Story
Urmas Sisask: Laudate Dominum
Jonathan Harvey: Mortuos Plango
William Byrd: Credo (mass for 4 voices)
Kaija Saariaho: Nuits, adieux
William Byrd: Sanctus & Benedictus (mass for 4 voices)
Matthew Wright: Contact theatre (vinyl)
Anonymous: Beati mundo
William Byrd: Agnus Dei


22 Jan
Sint-Niklaas (BE)
31 Oct
Tongeren (BE)
29 Oct
Lemmensinstituut (Kapel)
Leuven (BE)
27 Jun
Fort 4
Mortsel (BE)
29 Aug
org. Conventie voor dirigenten en componisten
Gent (BE)
27 Aug
Akerk (org. Festival Noorderzon) (première)
Groningen (NL)
27 Jun
Brigittines (avant-première)
Brussel - Bruxelles (BE)