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Kwadratur #2

[hybrid] + [strings] + [drums] + [sax]

In Kwadratur #2/Transfo once again Eric Sleichim explores with BL!NDMAN the limits of concert expercience. Pieces intertwine: known and unknown, familiar and unfamiliar fit together into a kaleidoscopic, sensual experience. The central idea for this project is transformation. The grey zone between the safely marked out conventions and categories becomes the playground of this performance. Musicians reach beyond the limits of their familiar instrument. Sound is molded into unreal, new elements. A changing flux of impulses, between light and dark, visual and audible, leads the audience to an intense, ever changing experience of space.

Eric Sleichim: concept, direction and e-guitar

BL!NDMAN [sax]
Koen Maas: soprano saxophone, turntable
Roeland Vanhoorne: alto saxophone, turntable
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone, turntable
Raf Minten: bass and baritone saxophone, turntable

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Tom De Cock: percussion
Yves Goemaere: percussion
Hannes Nieuwlaet: percussion
Ruben Cooman: percussion

BL!NDMAN [strings]
Floris Uytterhoeven: violin, turntable
Femke Verstappen: violin, turntable
Ine Kuypers: viola, turntable
Joyce Kuipers: cello,turntable

BL!NDMAN [vox]
Griet De Geyter: soprano
Gunther Vandeven: countertenor
Kevin Skelton: tenor
Hugo Oliveira: bass

Remon Fromont: light design
Maarten Beirens: music dramaturgy
Bart Bouckaert: repetitor
Roel Das: sound engineering
Jo Thielemans: stage technology
Brecht Beuselinck: lighting

Kwadratur #2/Transfo is a BL!NDMAN production, commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge and the Happy New Festival Kortrijk (B), in coproduction with deSingel


Jonathan Harvey: Mortuos plango
Eric Sleichim: Strange attractors
Riccardo Nova – arr. E. Sleichim: Sequentia super beata viscera
Luc Brewaeys: Vogliamo inneggiare, module 1
Thierry De Mey: Silence must be!
John Zorn: Cat o’ nine Tails, part 1
Heiner Goebbels – arr. Eric Sleichim: Stadt Land Fluss, part 1-2-3
Kaija Saariaho: Nuits, adieux
Tristan Murail: Vampyr
Maike Nas: enjenoemthetliefde
Philip Glass: Music in contrary motion


‘Maybe it does sound complex, but in reality the collective succeeds to maintain an extremely transparent sound. With our without electronics, the performances are accessible. […] This concert was not a mind-game but an adventure, with threatening, fairylike, obsessive and poetic moments. […] a concert of high quality by an ensemble that temporarily has reached its peak.’ – Peter Vandeweerdt, Knack Blogt – 14 januari 2010


12 Feb
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Amsterdam (NL)
27 Apr
Kortrijk (BE)
23 Jan
Brussel (BE)
13 Jan
Antwerpen (BE)
08 Jan
Concertgebouw (première)
Brugge (BE)