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Kwadratur #1

[hybrid] + [strings] + [sax] + [drums]

In Kwadratur Eric SLEICHIM places the four BL!NDMAN quartets in a space…

Globus is the result of the “20×20-concept” that was developed for the 20th anniversary of BL!NDMAN (1988-2008). While the ear registers indefinable sounds, the eye sees an immense globe around which a tribe is making gestures that seem to refer to an ancient rite. Sonorous textures emerge from all sides and fill the space like a whirlwind. Wonderful pearls of ancient and modern music are deduced from this bulk. Polyphony is being woven, aria’s and quartet movements glide towards a plastic gesture where the image tells us about sounds of silence.

Ballet méchanique, a dazzling collective; from Purcell to Ives, from Strawinsky to Philip Glass, the enfants terribles of contemporary music guide you along the turns of their interior world. Music as a statement, a poetic cry, a long history, their history.

Eric Sleichim: concept, direction and arrangements

BL!NDMAN [sax]
Koen Maas: soprano saxophone & sopranino, table music
Roeland Vanhoorne: alto saxophone, clarinet, noise maker, table music
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone
Raf Minten: bass and baritone saxophone, table music

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Tom De Cock: percussion, table music
Yves Goemaere: percussion, noise maker, table music
Hannes Nieuwlaet: percussion, noise maker, table music
Ruben Cooman: percussion, keyboard

BL!NDMAN [strings]
Floris Uytterhoeven: violin, table music
Femke Verstappen: violin
Ine Kuypers: viola, table music
Joyce Kuipers: cello, table music

BL!NDMAN [vox]
Griet De Geyter: soprano
Gunther Vandeven: countertenor and flute
Kevin Skelton: tenor, noise maker
Hugo Oliveira: bass, noise maker

Anouk De Clercq & Kris Verdonck: stage design
Mijeong Jeong*: costume design
Luc Schaltin: lighting design
Maarten Beirens: music dramaturgy
Roel Das: sound engineering
Jo Thielemans: stage technology
Brecht Beuselinck: lighting

Kwadratur #1/Globus is a BL!NDMAN production commissioned by Cultuurcentrum Genk.


E. Sleichim: Ruisveld / 2008
J. Tenney: Critical band / 1988
S. Reich: Pendulum music / 1968
J. Cage: Story / 1940
G. Bryars: Man in a room, Gambling / 1992
J. Tenney: Having never written one single note for percussion / 1971
F. P. Santiago: Infernox4 / 2007
M. Wright: Nocturne for BJM / 2004
G. Crumb: God music / 1970
S. Reich: Proverb / 1995
K. Saariaho: Trois rivières [mvt.1] / 1993
G. Crumb: Sarabande / 1970
H. Purcell: The queens epicedium / 1695
C. Ives: The unanswered question / 1908
T. Riley: The tuning path / 1987
M. Nas: Calling / 2005
E. Sleichim: Gestimmtseit / 2004
I. Stravinsky: Gloria / 1948
E. Sleichim: Angel / 2005
T. De Mey: Musique de tables / 1987
P. Glass: In similar motion / 1973
J.S. Bach, arrangement Sleichim: bwv 768, partita 10 / ca 1700


‘Here, the stage is not only a podium, it is a space where a mise en scene is created with light and symmetric changes. The music that sounds, is amorphous, to say the least. It too has to find its contours. It also wanders. From minimal music to Helmut Lachenmann and back to Cage and Charles Ives, but also between centuries.’ Tim Gorbauch, Frankfurter Rundschau – 6 januari 2009

‘Ancient music can be boring after a while. So can new music. But joining these two worlds creates an irresistible attraction. […] As apposed to many new music concerts where man can read elaborate work descriptions in the program note […], one can experience here that new music can also be about sensually perceptible art.’ Elisabeth Risch, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – 6 januari 2009


19 Feb
Genk (BE)
25 May
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Amsterdam (NL)
23 May
Waterschei (BE)
10 Jan
Le Lieu Unique
Nantes (FR)
04 Jan
Mousonturm (première)
Frankfurt (DE)
01 Mar
Brugge (BE)
22 Feb
Antwerpen (BE)
09 Feb
Brussel - Bruxelles (BE)