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BL!SK 2013

25 years BL!NDMAN
[sax] + [drums] + HISK + Workspace Brussels + Royal Academy + KlaraFestival

According to Wikipedia, a blisk “is a single engine component consisting of a rotor disk and blades, which may be either integrally cast, machined from a solid piece of material, or made by welding individual blades to the rotor disk”. BL!SK also refers to a collaboration between BL!NDMAN, HISK and Workspace Brussel Each year, HISK selects 12 artists that are offered a 2-years residency. By introducing the young artists to contemporary music, the artistic directions of HISK and BL!NDMAN would like to stimulate the dialogue between different disciplines of art. The four composers in residence at BL!NDMAN are being asked to create a new piece with an artist of HISK. During the process of creating, the team is coached by Oscar Van den Boogaard and Eric Sleichim. Apart from this, there is also a collaboration with Workspace Brussels that if offering residencies to young dancers, performers and theater-makers. These young artist also can work together with musicians and composers of BL!NDMAN.

Eric Sleichim: concept, artistic direction, coaching
Oscar Van den Boogaard: coaching

Lauren Redhead, Lola Lasurt Bachs
Jesse Broekman, BL!NDMAN [drums]
Miguel Farias, BL!NDMAN [drums]
Katerina Undo
Jeroen Uyttendaele
Albert Quesada
Amness – Fumiyo Ikeda + Un Yamada, BL!NDMAN [sax]


07 Sep
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten
Antwerpen (BE)