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Atelier Quartier + 2023

[drums] + Ultima Vez

Atelier Quartier + is an initiative of dance company Ultima Vez that stands for multi-day workshops or long-term sustainable processes. In addition, Ultima Vez develops long-term trajectories with Atelier Quartier + with different makers, in which they conduct artistic research within different contexts and actively involve participants in their artistic practices and processes.

The workshop will be led by musician Ward De Ketelaere and dancer Alexandros Anastasiadis. Looking for theatrical possibilities, they explore music and dance, using references from their own personal experience and history, but also inspired by the group’s exercises and proposals. By creating sound and movement together, participants compose small performative acts as a group. Participants are called upon to perform material based on their own abilities. Openness to doing things for the first time is highly appreciated.

First workshop: 30 October till 3 November 2023

Alexandros Anastasiadis: dancer, choreographer and dance coach
Ward De Ketelaere: musician, composer and music coach

Atelier Quartier + is an initiative of Ultima Vez dance company.