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In a special programme for young people, the quartet plays work by pioneering composers. They make a musical journey through time and the world in which a wide variety of styles and percussion instruments come their way.

In their continuously evolving search for the BL!NDMAN language, they meander along an adventurous and lively musical path where everything can, may and will be percussion. They use marimba, snare drums, drums, djembes and their voices, but objects such as light switches, tubes and metal trash are also transformed into instruments. By using so many instruments, the musicians create very different styles: from classical to contemporary, from jazz to Latin.

X-plosion! is a fully acoustic programme that introduces young people in a playful and surprising way to the oeuvre from classical to contemporary, including Belgian, composers.

Eric Sleichim: artistic direction

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Hannes Nieuwlaet: percussion
Yves Goemaere: percussion
Ward De Ketelaere: percussion
Gideon Van Canneyt: percussion


M. Wettl: Nocturne
J. S. Bach: BVV Prelude and Fuga n°4
M. Savage: Spirit’s Rising
J. Cage: Story from Living room music
O. C. Condon: Fractalia
B. Quartier / FlowMic: Blue
FlowMic: PriTri
M. Markovich: Teamwork
T. De Mey: Musique de Tables


16 Apr
CC De Schakel
Waregem (BE)
29 Nov
De Spikkerelle
Avelgem (BE)
11 Oct
Jan Tervaert
Hamme (BE)
04 Oct
CC Casino
Koksijde (BE)
28 Jun
Ecole Du Divin Sauveur (org. JM)
Schaarbeek - Schaerbeek (BE)
10 Mar
CC De Kaekelaar
Schoten (BE)
24 Jan
CC Het Perron
Ieper (BE)
18 Jan
CC Belgica
Dendermonde (BE)
28 Oct
Collège Saint-Stanislas (org. Jeunesses Musicales de Mons-Borinage)
Mons (BE)
21 Oct
CC Den Hoogen Pad
Maldegem (BE)
09 Feb
Marche-en-Famenne (BE)
30 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
29 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
29 Jan
Ottignies (BE)
28 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
27 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
26 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
25 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
24 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
23 Jan
Wetteren (BE)

22 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
21 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
21 Jan
Schaarbeek (BE)
20 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
19 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
18 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
17 Jan
Wetteren (BE)
28 Sep
Cinéma Le Versailles (postponed)
Stavelot (BE)