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Trigger Tribe

[drums] + Patrick Housen + Marie van Vollenhoven + Tim Duerinck

Images influencing sound or sounds altering images… But can this be mutual and preferably simultaneous? This new project, Trigger Tribe, between Marie Van Vollenhoven & Patrick Housen seeks to have images and sounds enter into dialogue with each other in an equal way. From scratch, they explore how image and sound talk to each other through digital connections. A new form of [live] composition, giving the rules of musicality a fresh breeze.

Live, this will be interpreted by the percussionists of BL!NDMAN [drums]. They set to work with four totally different-sounding set-ups [glass, wood, metal & sheet] to help create the aurally layered landscape you enter as a spectator.

As a spectator, we want to immerse you in this quest for the impact of immersive sound and image on human perception. Throughout this performance, join us on a layered journey in search of the heart of our tribe, the heart of our Trigger Tribe!

Patrick Housen, Marie van Vollenhoven, Tim Duerinck: concept

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Yves Goemaere
Hannes Nieuwlaet
Wim Pelgrims
Christiaan Saris

With the support of: the Flemish Government, the province of Limburg (STROOM), C-TAKT, Musica, Dommelhof.


20 Oct
Dommelhof / Oortreders Festival
Neerpelt (BE)