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BL!NDMAN [drums] presents revolutionary pieces by living composers, amongst them two cool ladies. All prejudices about percussion (boring, limited, cold) will be fiercely challenged.

A quartet of drum sets is kicking off with 7 minutes of hi-hats. Julia Wolfe explores the almost symphonic richness of the double cymbal. Gradually the complete drum sets are drawn into a vortex of pumping rhythms. After that, David Lang subtly takes down all deceptive certainties. Four percussionists are playing slightly different parts on instruments made of flowerpots and teacups. Elusive variations in timbre and rhythm overwhelm the audience. In Raphael Cendo’s piece, fluent riddles dissolve into harshly contrasting percussion-sounds. But it is Mayke Nas who really stretches the limits of percussion.

Based on a text by Peter Handke, four percussionists are writing self-reproaches in tight rhythm on blackboards and wipe these off again. The result is an impressive example of theatrical percussion.
(text: Bart Bruggeman – with thanks to Handelsbeurs)

Eric Sleichim: artistic direction

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Tom De Cock: percussion
Ruben Cooman: percussion
Yves Goemaere: percussion
Hannes Nieuwlaet: percussion

Karel Marynissen: sound technique
Brecht Beuselinck: stage management

FULL RIDE is a BL!NDMAN production. Thanks to Mieke Dekeyser and Kris Lazeure (Sint-Vincentiuscollege – Ypres) for the blackboards.


Julia Wolfe: Dark full ride
David Lang: The so-called laws of nature-part 2
Raphael Cendo: Scratch data
Maile Nas & Wouter Snoei: I delayed people’s flights by walking slowly in narrow hallways
Jasna Veličković: Last song


05 Oct
252 CC
Ekeren (BE)
11 Nov
Brugge (BE)
31 Mar
Genk (BE)
24 Mar
Handelsbeurs (première)
Gent (BE)