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Defiant Angels

Eric Sleichim + Marnix De Cat

Marnix De Cat and Eric Sleichim have selected the six-part Angeli archangeli throni and various settings of the famous L’homme armé melody by Pierre de La Rue, Mathurin Forestier, Josquin des Prez and Jacob Obrecht from the complex of manuscripts created by Petrus Alamire (1470-1536).

They attack these pieces with somewhat unusual instruments: organ, saxophone and live electronics, with which they dissect the polyphonic part writing and form.

Also on the programme: the creation of Eric Sleichim’s Defiant Angels, a new piece for organ and electronics which, like the tangle of entwined bodies in Frans Floris’s painting The Fall of the Rebel Angels, defies the laws of gravity.

Eric Sleichim: saxophones, electronics, arrangements
Marnix De Cat: organ, arrangements
Dries D’Hondt: sound engineer


E. Sleichim: Defiant Angels
H. Isaac: Angeli archangeli throni
J. Harvey: Ricercare una melodia
P. de la Rue, M. Forestier, J. des Prez, J. Obrecht: L’homme armé
O. Messiaen: La Nativité du Seigneur: Nr. 4 Le Verbe


25 Aug
O.L.V.-kathedraal (org. Laus Polyphoniae)
Antwerpen (BE)
28 Jun
Alden Biesen (org; Alba Nova)
Bilzen (BE)