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Beethoven Scratched

Eric Sleichim + [strings]

Rediscover Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 12 in E flat major, Op. 127, Adagio ma no troppo e molto cantabile, in a contemporary interpretation by BL!NDMAN [strings] and Eric Sleichim.

In his Triple Quartet, Steve Reich combines three string quartets as if they were three instruments. Both within each quartet and between the three quartets, we find the rhythmic momentum and tension so typical of the New York composer’s work. For this concert, BL!NDMAN [strings] has pre-recorded two of the three quartets. In the live version, you will hear these recordings and a live quartet.

Eric Sleichim: artistic direction, arrangements, electronics and turntable

BL!NDMAN [strings]
Stefanie Van Backlé: violin, turntable
Femke Verstappen: violin, turntable
Monica Goicea: alto, turntable
Suzanne Vermeyen: cello, turntable


Ludwig van Beethoven / REMIX Eric Sleichim: movements from string quartet nr.1, nr.7 en nr.12
Steve Reich, Triple Quartet


29 Sep
MSK (org. Gent Festival) (première)
Gent (BE)