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44 Harmonies


In this concert BL!NDMAN’s four saxophones enter into a mystical marriage with the sixteen voices of the Goeyvaerts Consort. Five quartets (of vocals and saxophones) stand at various points along a circuit in the building. You mix your own concert as you walk around. The programme revolves around John Cage’s 44 Harmonies. You will also hear 16th- and 17th-century music that acts as a sounding board for Cage’s sacred harmonies.

Marc Michael De Smet, Eric Sleichim: concept
Trudo Engels: set design

BL!NDMAN [sax]
Koen Maas: oprano saxophone
Eric Sleichim*: alto saxophone
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone
Raf Minten: baritone saxophone

Marc Desmet: direction
Mady Bonert, Annemie Clarysse, Lies Gellynck, Nel Vanhee: sopranos
Mieke De Blieck, Agnes De Graaff, Tin Siegers, Martine Vancker: altos
Jos Braeken, Steven Hofman, Steven Mariën, Koen Lauken: tenors
Koen Meynckens, Michel Pirson, Rudy Tambuyser, Patrick Van Reckem: basses


J. Cage: 44 Harmonies
J. Cage: Four
L. Daser: Benedictus
O. Lassus: O che bon echo
W. Byrd: In nomine
K. Nystedt: Immortal Bach


22 Nov
Brussel - Bruxelles (BE)
12 Nov
Festival van Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen
Sluis (NL)
28 Apr
Gent (BE)
21 Apr
Kathedraal (org. CC Hasselt)
Hasselt (BE)