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Parliament of Angels 2023 - 2027

Parliament of Angels, is the brand new initiative of BL!NDMAN that enters into a five-year trajectory with national and international partners, unites artists and students from the Canterbury Christ Church University, IRCAM & Lobster Films, Koninklijk Conservatorium The Hague, Beeldende Kunstacademie The Hague, Art of Sound The Hague & Art and Sience The Hague, MATA Festival NY and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. During residencies and workshops, students, artists, composers, musicians and curators will delve into predetermined themes and techniques. This will yield numerous new compositions over a period of five years and will provide the breeding ground for at least five productions. Each year, one partnership is central and this is represented by a curator who acts as a bridge figure between BL!NDMAN and its own institution. As a result of the annual lab project Parliament of Angels, the performances Corporate Action of 4 by BL!NDMAN [drums], A-CADEMIC by BL!NDMAN [sax], ELECTRIC WIRE by BL!NDMAN [strings] and LABYRINT by BL!NDMAN [hybrid] are planned.


2023: Parliament of Angels year 1Canterbury Christ Church University & Radio Ramsgate – UK
Lab for Contra Pop and Corporate Action of 4 – BL!NDMAN [drums]

2024: Parliament of Angels year 2IRCAM & Lobster Films – F
Lab for GESTION – BL!NDMAN [drums ]

2025: Parliament of Angels year 3 – Koninklijk Conservatorium The Hague – NL
Lab for A-CADEMIC – BL!NDMAN [strings]

2026: Parliament of Angels year 4 – Mata Festival NY & Missouri UniversityUSA
Lab for ELECTRIC WIRE – BL!NDMAN [strings]

2027: Parliament of Angels year 5 – Conservatories of Flanders – B
Lab for LABYRINT – BL!NDMAN [hybrid]