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olga mink

Working in the fields of new media, live performance, video- and interactive art, I explore new possibilities in digital representation. With a strong emphasis to conceptual approaches, my work crosses boundaries between music, photography, architecture, poetry, nature, public spaces, engaged themes. Creating immersive and physical representations in digital media, my work examines the tension between [intangible] media and the spatiotemporal coherence. Collaborations with various musicians, artists, engineers, architects are important aspects. Next to my work as an artist I curate new media and audiovisual events, such as ImageRadio, State of the Image, and Plazaplus at Plaza Futura.

The installation Ballet Mechanique (2001) explores the idea of physicality in the virtual (projected) environment. By re-arranging and composing sequences of the body into new forms, a new experience of time and space was created. By use of rectangular screens and threedimensional projections, a multi-screen visual surrounding was created. Examinations within media, technology and the digital, has lead to diverse projects such as Video_matic. In 2003, I have been commisioned to develope a permanent interactive video-installation for a new building. This was developed in collaboration with the architects, and is fully integrated with the architectural aesthetics of the building. Video-matic explores networked media in a public environment, by use of interactivity with a touchscreen inside the building and an online application on the dedicated website

Live performances have developed in style and content over the years. The use of customised projection possibilities is an important aspect in my performance. Work has been released on labels internationally, such as NoTV, Triggermotion, Bip-Hop, Steamingsounds and Lightrhythmvisuals Collaborations have been accompished with artists and musicans worldwide. A project with musician Scanner is currently being developed. The nature of being is a live cinema performance. It’s an interchange between artists charting a conversational movement of colour, music, texture and image. It is a travelogue of invention, taking the romance of the cosmos through a metaphysical adventure, presented in a multi-screen environment. Urban Nature (2006) is a collaborative project based upon atmospheric electronic music with jazzy electronic improvisations by Vloeimans and Banabila. Screened at Tate Brittain, London, and Sonar in Spain, amongst others. Explorations outside the “digital screen”, was realised with Lightsc00p installation. This uses Infrared technology, LED and sensory devices. It’s currently exposed at Plaza Futura, Eindhoven.

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BL!NDMAN is supported by the Arts Administration of the Ministry of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region. BL!NDMAN [sax] play Selmer Paris Saxophones.